How to create an item or service


Do the following:

  • Select Functions in the top right corner
  • Select Items and Services in the menu
  • Select Create in the menu

  • You have the possibility to either type in the item/product number or leave it blank and it will be generated automatically.
  • Choose whether the item or service is active and if it is a stock item or not (has influence on your inventory).
  • Name, standard cost and VAT is …………………….
  • If you need to upload a picture of the item you can do it here and use it later on invoices, quotes, etc.
  • If you for example have a WEB shop or are sending items to your customers it could be helpful to use the measurement functionality. Almost all shipping or transportation companies would need things like weight, volume, etc. in order to pack your items correctly and to find the right price.
  • If you are using groups functionality (My Groups in Settings) then you could connect the correct group to the item or service.
  • Be aware that the EAN functionality is controlled by Application Control in Settings (My Application Settings) where you can tell BizzPath if your EAN number is the same as your item number.

  • If you have selected “No” then you have to type in the EAN number yourself or if you are not using EAN functionality, leave the fields blank.
  • EAN Tar is …………